There are many tools available to the FOREX trader for analyzing the market as well as for buying and selling currencies.  Software tools are a necessary part of FOREX because of its volume and volatility.  Software can be used to automate some of the trading procedures and safeguard against losses.

In order to make rational, successful trades, the FOREX trader needs information – lots of information.  Current exchange rates are the tip of the iceberg – the trader needs historical data as well as current information about political and economic conditions that could affect currency prices.  All this information is provided by many FOREX brokers on their web sites.

Successful FOREX trading relies on making accurate assessments of current political and economic conditions.  Being able to predict whether a currency will fall or rise against another currency allows the FOREX trader to profit from currency movements.

There are two basic trading methods for buying and selling currencies.

1. Reactive trading means the trader responds to changes in the political or economic climate.

2. Speculative trading means the trader makes buying decisions based on predictions on how the market will respond to current events.

While most FOREX trading is speculative, both types of trade require up-to-the-minute information and an analysis of current and historical conditions.

Traders rely on both fundamental and technical analysesFundamental analysis is based on news information about political conditions, economic policies, trade patterns, interest rates and unemployment rates.  Technical analysis relies on historical charting to identify trends and patterns over time.  Information needed for both types of analyses is available in real time on the Internet.  Most online brokers offer live news feeds and streaming rates for observing minute by minute changes in the market.

All this information can help you decide which currencies to buy.  More tools are available to help you minimize your risk and maximize your profits.

Most of the tools that are available to you in the market are like PIP calculators, Pivot point calculators, etc. But however all these tools are used to make technical analyses to predict the upcoming trends in the market.

Now a days, all these tools will be available with the forex brokers with whom you are dealing. The forex brokers also provide the demo versions on how to use them. But whatever the tools are, all the tools that are provided are used to make the technical analyses.

Knowing about all the tools and their usage is good, but you alone as a forex trader needs a lot of time to make technical analyses using all those tools. For this reason, the forex brokers and other big forex expert organizations work with all the provided tools and make analyses and provides you the information called the Forex trading signals.

Providing you the forex trading signals is nothing but, that they are doing the technical analyses for you. But for providing those trading signals to you, they do charge from $50 to $200 a month for monthly subscriptions.

Forex brokers and the big forex expert organizations who provides you the trading signals by charging you will provide the individual tools like as I said earlier the PIP calculators, the Pivot point calculators etc, but they never provide you the comprehensive tool i.e “Automated Forex Trading System Software”.

The “Automated Forex Trading System Software” actually takes a single input and does all the calculations like Pip calculations, pivot point calculations etc, and generates the forex trading signals by itself and place the buy and sell orders automatically to the forex brokers with out ant human intervention.

Now many “Automated Forex Trading Software Systems” are available at low and affordable price. They are also of one time purchase. To operate them is very simple and the inputs that it requires also available free in the internet.

If you can use “Automated Forex Trading System Software”, you can really save a lot of time which you loose while researching on the technical analysis and also saves money which you spent for trading signals on monthly basis to forex signal services. At the same time there is no need for you to depend on any forex broker or on any forex expert organization for the forex trading signals, as you never know when these signal providers system can be down.

I highly recommend part time forex traders and newbie’s to use automated forex trading system software as they can really save lots of time and money.

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