Currency Converter Essential for Day Traders
For forex day traders a currency converter is an absolute necessity. The currency, or forex, market is the worlds largest and also the most volatile. Currency exchange rates can, and do, change several times daily. Most day traders use an online currency converter and many of these are updated regularly in real time. There are also some online applications that provide service to mobile devices such as cell phones and palm pilots.

A Wide Variety of Online Currency Converters Available
A quick Google search using the term yields 21,100,000 possible websites devoted to currency conversion. Two of the most popular and most used online applications are the Yahoo and the XE-Universal Converter.

XE Currency Converter Popular
The XE is the more sophisticated of the two and provides much more than a basic application. Users of the XE converter can access historical tables of all the major currencies and see past performances and trends of the various world currencies. The XE converter is updated non-stop all day and is available in many languages. Users have access to rates for every currency in existence and best of all use is free.

Available XE Tools
The XE converter offers many tools for users. XE offers an expanded version of the Universal application, updates, travel expenses calculator, currency charts. Currency news, currency rate monitor, and many more useful tools for both the investor and traveler. It is easy to see why the XE converter is popular.

The Yahoo Currency Converter
The Yahoo converter is more basic and is also updated in real time. For those planning a trip abroad the Yahoo converter provides downloadable pocket guides with currency exchange rates. Like the XE converter the Yahoo converter is free and very user friendly.

These two online converters are easily the most popular and used applications. While there are many other online applications available with varying degrees of sophistication these converters are sure to remain popular in years to come.

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