If you want to make big profits, then you should know that the best way is do it for yourself – and not rely on others.

Any trader (even a novice) can build a successful FOREX trading system – and this article shows you how to build a profitable system in five simple steps.

What Makes a Successful FOREX Trading System?

Successful trading systems have three main characteristics:

1. They are Simple

Forget complicated systems with lots of rules – it’s a proven fact that simple systems work better – and are less likely to fail, in the brutal world of trading.

2. They Run Profits and Cut Losses

You need to have a longer term FOREX trading system that milks the big trends for profit, and cuts losses quickly.

3. They Follow Long Term Trends

There is no point in trading for small profits – i.e. day trading, as you will never cover your inevitable loses with small profits.

Focus on long-term trends – it’s these that yield the big profits, as they can last for years.

Now let’s get down to the five steps of building a FOREX Trading System:

1. Your Method

We have said to keep it simple, and this is exactly what you should do – just a few rules, and a robust money management system.

2. Spotting Opportunities

Look for the long-term weekly trends, and then move to daily charts to time entry. When we say long-term trends, we mean months, or years – NOT just a week or two.

3. The Best Way to Trade Currencies is via a Breakout Method. Forex Trading Profitable

Breakouts occur in all currency markets all the time – so base your system on a trend following breakout system.

There isn’t space here to describe exactly what a breakout system is, but we have articles on breakouts posted on our web site.

It’s a fact that most of the world’s billionaire traders use breakout systems in their trading – and you should use a breakout system as well.

4. Timing Entry

The best way to time an entry is to watch for a break on the chart, confirmed by stochastic crossing with bullish or bearish divergence – this is a great timing tool.

When you are in strongly trending markets, you can also use Bollinger bands, to time your entries – and take profits.

The Bollinger band is a great filter indicator, and all traders should consider it.