Forex charts and technical analysis is time efficient, works and will continue to work and here we introduce you to the basics of forex charting and how to win…

Before we start, lets get rid of one of the big forex myths which is – forex charts can predict the future, they can’t. That doesn’t mean you cant win with them, you can and there huge advantage is:

Human nature is constant and while it cannot be predicted with scientific accuracy, human nature repeats and greed the greed and fear of the participants is reflected in chart action. You can then trade the reality of price change for profit and if you employ robust forex management, you can run your profits and cut your losses.

Forex charts work because price trends are always present and always will be. These trends last for weeks, months or years. By locking into these price trends, you can make big profits. If you are wrong, you simply cut your profits quickly.

The basic logic of technical analysis is:

-    Human psychology is constant and shows up in high odds chart formations
-    Trends develop and persist
-    A trend in motion is more likely to continue than reverse.

Profiting From Forex Charts

Look at any forex chart and you will see this to be true, so how do you turn this theory into profit?

The best way to trade is to look for longer term trends and use a breakout methodology as the basis of your forex trading strategy:

The fact is most trends start and continue from new market highs or lows that’s why you don’t need to predict you just go with these breakouts.

Most traders cannot do this and think they can buy exact tops and bottoms, when of course they cant. They think they have missed a bit of the move when prices break and wait for the pullback. Of course, the pullback doesn’t come and they watch the trend go into the distance, piling up thousands in profit and their not in!

If you trade the reality of price change at these breakouts, the odds are on your side and you can win. We have discussed forex breakout systems in other articles so look them up – but lets make one point clear in this article which is the key to Forex success:

Any forex trading system you use should be simple!

Many traders think the more complex their system the better but this is another forex myth. Complicated systems have to many elements to break whereas a simple one is more robust in the brutal world of trading.

A simple forex trading system based on breakouts and applied with discipline can make you a lot of money over time.

The Way to Enjoy Currency Trading Success is:

Forex markets are a lot simpler than many people believe and you don’t need to be clever or complicated to win.

All you need is a simple robust strategy and the discipline to apply it and you could soon be making big profits, from forex technical analysis, in around 30 minutes a day. Discover the power of forex charts and you maybe glad you did.