Ever since Forex Autopilot hit the market some time ago, it has definitely created quite a stir in the forex community. But does it live up the actual reputation? This forex autopilot review examines whether or not it’s a worthwhile investment.

Well, for starters, I wouldn’t expect to make as much money as you see on the sales page of the site. After all, it is a sales page, so they want to you to buy it. They are not going to show the times it had multiple losses in a row.

So if you are thinking that, at last, you found the trading holy grail in forex autopilot, let me crush those dreams. BUT if you have some realistic expectations and concede that there is no such thing as the holy grail, then you will be very pleased with forex autopilot.

Basing this forex autopilot review off of what actual users had to say about the trading robot, then I must admit that the reputation is pretty solid.

Most that used it were happy that they took the plunge. The biggest compliment I hear most people say about forex autopilot is that the robot gains pips consistently. There are no wild dips and valleys. That’s a very rare achievement for a trading robot. Most can make you or lose you 1000 pips in a week.

But consistency is the key to trading and is what separates the people who crash their account from those who eventually get to retire off of their winnings.