Finding the right penny stock to buy and make profit in the stock market seems like a hard and daunting task at first. However, there are several simple ways to find a stock that has a secure and steady safety net, as well as potential for stock market gain.

Step 1 – Look under the rock that everyone is afraid to turn over.

Many times, especially with penny stocks, there too many traders who miss out on big profit opportunities because they are afraid to look around. The best stock traders online make profit in the market because they are extremely observant. Learn how to take in as much data, news, and price movement. Stocks will tell you that they are ready to move by showing inconsistencies. You just have to know which ones to look for.

Step 2 – Let your Money Go with the Money Flow

Watch the stocks that are active and be aware of which way the volume is moving. Is the stock being flooded with buys? Or, is everyone dumping and selling causing the big volume surge. Be sure to watch the time and sales sheets of any stocks that you may be potentially buying. Look for large block buys and a steady stream of buying. This is also known as increased Money Flow. Learn how to buy when the money flow starts coming in to a stock ready to move. The right entry makes it a lot easier to find a safe exit.

Step 3 – Get out when Everyone wants In!

The reason why so many traders fail to make profit in the penny stock market is because they are tempted to hold positions which are showing them a true profit. Any experienced trader will agree that any profit is a good profit. Learn how to take a gain and understand why Profit is so good. Small profits will add up and allow your portfolio to grow, so do not get greedy. Most of the time, you should be looking to sell when Everyone is trying to buy. By the time that this stock has been brought to the general public, it is already too late to get in. The money flow which we talked about earlier has already been in at the bottom, and now these smart traders are ready to take profit. This means that it is time to sell. Do your best to suppress your greed and not get caught in at the top. Know that it is ok to make 100 dollars a day trading. Because, many traders never make a gain in the market. Be smart, trade wise and Make Money.