Forex Stock Market

Managed Forex Trading A Must

By Scott McDonald
Incorporating a managed forex trading system to my trading was one of the keys to turning profits; the other was this one method that the big trader’s use that helped me dominate the market. If you have ever wondered what the edge is that the big wigs have, wonder no longer. The best move I ever made was using this one method that has led to record profits for myself!

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EURUSD: 98 Pips Profit

Target level reached, 98 pips profit.

Original trade:
Bought EURUSD at 1.3079
Stop level at 1.2995
Target level at 1.3177

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AUDUSD: 48 Pips Profit

I closed my trade at 0.8122, 48 pips profit.

Original trade:
Shorted AUDUSD at 0.8170
Stop level at 0.8216
Target level at 0.8116
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